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I am a programmer and live in Russia. I've finished St. Petersburg State University in 1997. Soon after graduating, I said goodbye to my last job (writing in C++ and maintaining a set of fuelling station control systems, united into a WAN, for a company BSK Ltd) and joined Tangram Ltd (our main product is ActionMed, an activity monitor/organiser for medical suppliers - it's used in Sweden). I work there still, though I'm often tempted to do something more exciting - join one of various gamemaking projects, for example. Ah well.

My non-professional interests include : music (almost all extreme forms of it that exist, except those that are extremely stupid - such as rave or so-called "Russian rock"), books (fantasy, mythology, good old classical writers who told stories instead of vomiting philosophy), games (RPGs, computer RPGs and adventures), collecting (vinyl, Soviet and miscellaneous industrial "cool" items, programmable calculators - in fact, almost anything that seems interesting!) I'm not an "online junkie", but I visit the sites I'm interested in on regular basis, and, as you see, I even try to create my own place. I love to speak to people from various countries across the world, so don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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